Working Hard, or Hardly Working? Yea I Only Do The Latter.

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks here in post-Purchase land.

Look, she's in pink :)

Look, she’s in pink 🙂

Speaking of which, my good friend and everyone’s fave blogger Danielle, and I have coined a new term, “Post-Purchase Purchasing.” In which you only feel like it’s okay to act like a Purchase student after your graduated.

 DV is wearing boots with socks and boldly pulling off some adorable skirts. I bought my first plaid shirt and consume Starbucks Americanos every day of the week.  Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally ready for college.

In case you were dying to know, these are the throw pillows she sent me.



I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I work from home two or three days a week, and commute up to Westchester the rest of the week for my job at a brand marketing company.  The commute is the worst thing ever, as it’s almost a two hour drive in the middle of the day.  During rush hour traffic?  Forget it.  The probability of getting stuck in traffic due to an accident is so great just because I travel so far, I almost always see at least one or two on the way into work.  And the drive home is even worse, though less stressful because I’m not going to be late to anything (usually.)  And tolls.  And gas.  And tolls.

Even though that all stinks, and I spend $$$ on lunch every day there, just to get out of my office atmosphere, I think working from home might be worse.

Working from home is not for everyone.  It requires focus and self-discipline and organization and REALLY good time management skills.  ….whoops.  Most importantly I think, it also requires control over your environment, and I most of all don’t have that.  I don’t have a desk to work at, my room is far too small.  Working in the living room or at the dinner table is really difficult in my house, because it’s not a very friendly atmosphere.  I either have my ma who does everything in her power to chat with me about things I don’t care about.  Or my pops and the dismal cloud of discomfit that seems to follow him and envelopes everyone he encounters.

Oh, my family.  That’s a whole separate conversation, people.

But my house is not conducive to productivity, and I already have a hard enough time motivating myself.  So I saunter off to the library or a local Starbucks.  Fortunately there are about six *$ within 15 minutes of here (thank you, Long Island,) so I hope I haven’t become a nuisance at any of them yet.

PRO TIP: If you’re just gonna chill and do work for hours on end, don’t be a d-bag and snag the comfiest chair in a big group of comfy chairs.  People who are coming to relax and chat with friends are really who those chairs are for.  You get the high top or the table.  That’s the deal.

For work though, I have to sit in on conference calls and be in constant communication with my boss.  Sometimes, that involves being on the phone, which is not cool in the public library.  But if I go to a coffee shop, I feel weird spending the whole day there and just getting my one baby $2 espresso.  I don’t know if I’m making it more difficult than it needs to be, but it has been super difficult motivating myself to get off my butt, and get that butt out the door.

Then of course I have to check Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, three email accounts, mah blog numbers, my boss’ blog numbers, Hootsuite for Twitter at work, then I have to check them all again to make sure nothing happened on them while I’m checking the other ones.  ….what did we say about focus before?  Oh right.  WHOOPS.

Someone give me some advice on working from home that’s not, “set a schedule,” or, “explain to your family that you are unavailable during that time.”  Cause dat shit don’t werk for me apparently.  I’m looking for magic and miracles here, people.  Help a sista out.

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