“Life After Purchase”

#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen, you realize your school has a whole column, advertised on the front page of their Web site, with the same title as your blog.




#ThatOtherAwkwardMomentWhen you are alerted to this fact by an alumni survey they sent you, that based on the title made you think something was up with your blog.


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Bro, I’ve had this blog since February.  Back off.




Working Hard, or Hardly Working? Yea I Only Do The Latter.

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks here in post-Purchase land.

Look, she's in pink :)

Look, she’s in pink 🙂

Speaking of which, my good friend and everyone’s fave blogger Danielle, and I have coined a new term, “Post-Purchase Purchasing.” In which you only feel like it’s okay to act like a Purchase student after your graduated.

 DV is wearing boots with socks and boldly pulling off some adorable skirts. I bought my first plaid shirt and consume Starbucks Americanos every day of the week.  Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally ready for college.

In case you were dying to know, these are the throw pillows she sent me.



I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I work from home two or three days a week, and commute up to Westchester the rest of the week for my job at a brand marketing company.  The commute is the worst thing ever, as it’s almost a two hour drive in the middle of the day.  During rush hour traffic?  Forget it.  The probability of getting stuck in traffic due to an accident is so great just because I travel so far, I almost always see at least one or two on the way into work.  And the drive home is even worse, though less stressful because I’m not going to be late to anything (usually.)  And tolls.  And gas.  And tolls.

Even though that all stinks, and I spend $$$ on lunch every day there, just to get out of my office atmosphere, I think working from home might be worse.

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Snacking on a NatureBox

"Oh Tim Cook, you're so funny!"

“Oh Tim Cook, you’re so funny!”

Late Monday night, after a long weekend away, I returned home, exhausted, set down my bags and romped with my cat and dog for a few minutes.  On the dining room table was lots of mail addressed to me. The least interesting of which was the first issue of my subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I did not sign up for that.

Slightly more interesting was finally receiving my diploma.



I graduated from SUNY Purchase in May with a B.A. in journalism, but the Residence Life department and I stayed in contact this whoooole summer, as their parting gift to me was an outrageous charge to my account for some garbage not thrown out of my on-campus apartment.  As it turns out, I had bought these little stilts for my loft bed to make it even loftier and I left them under the bed posts.  WHOOPS.  The charge was still insane though, and once it was lowered to a more reasonable price, I finally paid up and was sent my diploma, which they had been holding ransom.

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Still Here!

To anyone who stuck around since a month ago when I made my last post, THANK YOU for your patience.  But I graduated college!  That’s right, I’m officially a SUNY Purchase alumna!

…does that mean I could interview myself?

mind blown





Anyway, while I spent some time away from my blog, which I have not abandoned, I got my Post-Purchase life together a little.  I am a full-time social media marketing intern for Company B, a brand marketing company located in Dobbs Ferry, very near Purchase.  I work from my home on LI, where I have moved back in with my parents, every post-grad’s dream.  But I really love this job, I’ve been there for a week now, and will be with Bonnie Morris and her incredible team at Company B until at least August, when I once again pick back where I left off, figuring out what I want to do with my newly acquired skills.

So I’ve let some things settle, while starting some others.  I was pretty ill during my whole last week of school, senior week and all, and I just chugged through until graduation.  So the weekend before work began, you know, my entire summer break, I was in bed, dying.  I’m on the mend, with a slight respiratory infection that is quickly dissipating.

So as I get better, I plan to pick up where I left off with this blog!  I miss it dearly.  I may not post as often, weekly, like I used to, but I will do my best!

So thanks for waiting, I promise I’ll have a good post for you next week, to reward anyone who’s still interested 🙂

8 Questions with Mariel Perez, SUNY Purchase Graphic Design

Mariel Perez, Production Artist at Community Newspaper Group

Mariel Perez, Production Artist at Community Newspaper Group

Mariel Perez is from Queens, NY, and graduated last May with a degree in graphic design.  She is currently a Production Artist at Community Newspaper Group, a network of neighborhood newspapers in that distributes over 250,000 papers each week in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Manhattan.

What where your first steps post graduation?

After graduation, I was still in “work mode” from senior project. Not too long after receiving all my grades, I started developing my portfolio website and looking for work opportunities. I knew I had to act fast because everyone else in my shoes was my competition. My senior seminar class started me off in a good direction, I already had a solid resume and I was confident with my portfolio pieces. I looked everywhere for work; I used career websites, researched design firms in the city and tried to network. In the end I applied for 115 jobs. Ultimately, a small design firm in Manhattan contacted me. I went in for an interview and was offered a part time internship opportunity. I thought it was what I needed before entering the workplace. I had never had an internship or job outside of school so I was thrilled to receive some real world experience at an actual design firm. A week after that, I was given another opportunity at the newspaper group I am currently working at. I had a journalist friend who used to work for the newspaper company and referred me to the vice president. I eventually got an interview with the art director and the VP and was offered a part time job. For months, I worked at both establishments. In January, the internship ended and I was offered more hours at the newspaper group.

Tell us about your daily grind at CNG.

Living in Queens and traveling to work in Brooklyn takes me an hour and a half on the subway. It’s a bit of a pain knowing that my commute takes three hours in total but it’s become routine now. My days usually consist of designing advertisements for newspapers and magazines, designing web ads for our news and entertainment websites, laying out our weekly papers and prepping them for the editorial department.

For the most part, I work alone in designing and laying out the publications, but I do get feedback from my art director if there are changes each week in page numbers or additional advertisements in the paper. When I am designing the ads, there is a lot of communication between the sales rep and me. The sales reps are in charge of selling ad space, contacting local businesses and persuading them to buy ad space in our publications. After that, the sales reps contact me with what their client’s want in their ads. They inform me on the information they want to display and sometimes give me ideas of what they’re looking for visually. Mostly I am in control of the creativity behind making the ad and it is my job to make the ad look appealing to our readers.

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8 Questions with Ivy Wong, SUNY Purchase Performance Bassist

Ivy Wong, masters student at Juilliard.

Ivy Wong, masters student at Juilliard.

SUNY Purchase Conservatories are still a thing of awe to me, even after being surrounded by them for the last four years.  The people who attain a certain level of success in them have a head start on being successful while chasing their dreams in the real world.

Ivy Wong, 22, is originally from Hong Kong.  She graduated in May of 2012 with Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Classical Bass performance and Arts Management.  See all the amazing things she’s been up to in her Post-Purchase life.

What made you choose SUNY Purchase, originally?

I realized that having been born and raised in a tiny place like Hong Kong, I really wanted to live in a place that’s drastically different and immerse in another culture.  I heard from my good friend, Santino Lo, who graduated from Purchase in 2011, that his school has great faculty and a new arts management program, so I applied immediately.  Purchase College was actually the only school that I applied to because the decision to go abroad was so sudden, but their admissions office and conservatory of music were really flexible and supportive so everything worked out smoothly.  The idea of being able to major in both the practical aspect of my art and learning to be a leader/ marketer in the field was very attractive to me.  I got into both classical piano and double bass programs, but chose to major in bass because I think I’m more of a chamber musician than a soloist and I feel like most pianists in the conservatory spend majority of their time on solo music.  I like playing with other people, so orchestra and chamber piano on the side is perfect for me.  Also, the bass professor, Timothy Cobb, is the Principal Bass of the Metropolitan Opera.  So, it didn’t really take me long to make a decision to come to Purchase.

So what are you up to now?

I’m currently getting my masters from the Juilliard School.  It’s in Lincoln Center in NYC – what they call the cultural hub of New York.  The school is known for being Continue reading

Cody Spice, a different kind of Drama Studies student

Truth be told, not everybody totally loved their time at Purchase.  But everybody did love something about their time in the 914.  Twenty-three-year-old drama studies major Cody “Spice” Hoffmann said, “Some of my best friends who I’m gonna have for the rest of my life I met at purchase, so I can’t hate it too much!”

Cody Spice, drama studies grad of May 2012

Cody Spice, drama studies grad of May 2012

And while some will sing the praises of Purchase in their post-grad lives, many students can certainly relate to Spice’s sentiments of neutrality.  “[Purchase] didn’t help or hurt me, it was just kind of part of my life that’s over.”  Spice references his investment at Purch with a laugh, saying, “I spent thousands of dollars on a degree I’m never gonna use.”

Spice is back where he grew up, in Westchester, currently working on his goal of striking out on his own, “I would like to end up in fashion, sooner rather than later.”  Spice is making his moves as a Visual Associate at the J. Crew in White Plains and a bellhop at the Ritz Carlton.

Though Purchase may not be the driving force behind Spice’s motivations, his fondest memories are of a junior year spent hula hooping and jump roping outdoors with friends.  Of his major, Spice says,

“I learned how to lie when I was really young, and was happy about getting away with things I didn’t need to get away with,” says Spice.  “I could totally act, I can lie my ass off,” and he claims the major definitely fit his personality. IMG_4629

With the help of advisor Kathleen Tolan, for Spice’s senior project he wrote a semi-autobiographical play about adolescent transitions, which he chose not to produce.  “It would probably be at my fifth year at purchase if not for Kathleen.”

Though Spice says the night he graduated was, “the best advice ever,” he offers some sound advice to the Purchase students he leaves behind.

“Know who your friends are, and don’t act crazy, cause it’s a small motherf*cking school.”

Emily Bishop, SUNY Purchase Sociology & Latin American Studies Major

Emily Bishop, Organizer at New Yorkers Against Fracking, and intern for the Syracuse Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, and Pharmacy Technician to boot!

Emily Bishop, Pharmacy Technician, Organizer at New Yorkers Against Fracking, and intern for the Syracuse Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign

Emily Bishop graduated as a double major last August, and it’s hard to believe all that she’s accomplished in the short amount of time since her Purchase days.  Listen below to hear about her political exploits in Argentina and Ecuador, and her current work with the indigenous Haudenosaunee peoples, and the Onondaga Nation (don’t try and pronounce those on your own, let Emily do it.)

If you want to learn more about any of the amazing causes Emily mentioned,

check out these links!

Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign 

New Yorkers Against Fracking

Commencement Speaker

Oh boy, so today, between 1:00 and 3:00 pm, the four finalists for commencement speaker will be notified via phone.

I’m not saying I applied or anything.

But I mean, if I did, and if I really really wanted it with all my heart, well, I’d be pretty anxious right now.

Less than 9 weeks, people...

Less than 9 weeks, people…

MY Post-Purchase Life

I’ve had some pretty lofty Post-Purchase goals so far in my senior year, all not working out the way I planned.

My life goal is to be in the Peace Corps. for at least one 2 year stint.  Right now though, with the crippling student loans so many of us face, I don’t have the financial stability to apply.  Don’t get me started on just how upset that makes me.  I’ve been thinking about the Peace Corps. since the 9th grade but it was the moment I let myself think it was possible that I realized it actually wasn’t.

I’m confident that with my resume, I could find a decent, if poorly-paid journalism job near my home, while I live with my ….parents.  (Saddest of faces.)

But I’m not sure that that’s what I want to do! And I am clearly not the only college senior experiencing this quarter life crisis.

So what about you, readers?  From freshman, to seniors, to grad school students, we all have that picture in our heads of what we would if we could do in our Post-Purchase lives.  Answer this poll and leave a comment about what you want or are trying to do to prep for your future, when you too are an alumni.  Who knows, maybe in a few months, I’ll want to snag an interview with you!