Still Here!

To anyone who stuck around since a month ago when I made my last post, THANK YOU for your patience.  But I graduated college!  That’s right, I’m officially a SUNY Purchase alumna!

…does that mean I could interview myself?

mind blown





Anyway, while I spent some time away from my blog, which I have not abandoned, I got my Post-Purchase life together a little.  I am a full-time social media marketing intern for Company B, a brand marketing company located in Dobbs Ferry, very near Purchase.  I work from my home on LI, where I have moved back in with my parents, every post-grad’s dream.  But I really love this job, I’ve been there for a week now, and will be with Bonnie Morris and her incredible team at Company B until at least August, when I once again pick back where I left off, figuring out what I want to do with my newly acquired skills.

So I’ve let some things settle, while starting some others.  I was pretty ill during my whole last week of school, senior week and all, and I just chugged through until graduation.  So the weekend before work began, you know, my entire summer break, I was in bed, dying.  I’m on the mend, with a slight respiratory infection that is quickly dissipating.

So as I get better, I plan to pick up where I left off with this blog!  I miss it dearly.  I may not post as often, weekly, like I used to, but I will do my best!

So thanks for waiting, I promise I’ll have a good post for you next week, to reward anyone who’s still interested 🙂

Commencement Speaker

Oh boy, so today, between 1:00 and 3:00 pm, the four finalists for commencement speaker will be notified via phone.

I’m not saying I applied or anything.

But I mean, if I did, and if I really really wanted it with all my heart, well, I’d be pretty anxious right now.

Less than 9 weeks, people...

Less than 9 weeks, people…

MY Post-Purchase Life

I’ve had some pretty lofty Post-Purchase goals so far in my senior year, all not working out the way I planned.

My life goal is to be in the Peace Corps. for at least one 2 year stint.  Right now though, with the crippling student loans so many of us face, I don’t have the financial stability to apply.  Don’t get me started on just how upset that makes me.  I’ve been thinking about the Peace Corps. since the 9th grade but it was the moment I let myself think it was possible that I realized it actually wasn’t.

I’m confident that with my resume, I could find a decent, if poorly-paid journalism job near my home, while I live with my ….parents.  (Saddest of faces.)

But I’m not sure that that’s what I want to do! And I am clearly not the only college senior experiencing this quarter life crisis.

So what about you, readers?  From freshman, to seniors, to grad school students, we all have that picture in our heads of what we would if we could do in our Post-Purchase lives.  Answer this poll and leave a comment about what you want or are trying to do to prep for your future, when you too are an alumni.  Who knows, maybe in a few months, I’ll want to snag an interview with you!

Looking for Alumni

For all the seniors who don’t know what steps to take, for all the alum who may feel the real world is getting them down, for the Purchase students who want to know they’ve made the right choices and are on the right path, we salute you I feel your pain.


I myself am a Purchase senior ready to take on the world!  And just not quite sure how.  I know that I care about people with a passion and I love to listen to a person’s story.  So I’m going to seek out the experiences of those people who are currently facing the world head on, and hope to add some clarity to my college journey.