Wrap Up Thursday – Because why not, right?

Weird things that happened to me this week:

. I came home from Book Con on Saturday with Alyson (not the weird thing) and my roomie and her friend wanted to grab dinner, so I offered to drive because I was SO DONE with walking. Well, lucky I offered because when we arrived at my car on the next block over, the back driver’s side sliding door was wide open. Just chillin there. The last time I’d been in my car was Friday morning to get my umbrella, so potentially, it had been open and sitting on the street for over 24 hours. My front door was unlocked and ajar, and my glove compartment was open and a little disheveled. But fortunately I don’t own any nice things besides my computer, which I keep on my person at all times.

But dude, that was freaky. I literally thought someone was going to be in my car when I walked up to it.

In other news, it seems that my tiny dime collection for parking meters is uninteresting to thieves.

We are literally the cutest ever. And people at the con loved our shirts!

We are literally the cutest ever. And people at the con loved our shirts!

. Before that, I went to Book Con with the Bibliosmiles powerhouse girls, Danielle Alyson and Gaby. I won’t steal their thunder, they all wrote some fantastic things for BibS,  and you can read all about it here. Lemme just say, it was a fantastic day, even with the whole car thing.

. I wrote a post for Bibliosmiles! And I worked a little more on one that I’ve had brewing for a few weeks. It’s hard when you fall into a rut of un-creativity. But sometimes a little push is all you need. Danielle needed me to hit a deadline, and when I forced myself to finish the post, it made me feel like writing, even if it was about nothing, like this post is. It just makes you feel good, ya know?

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Airport Diner

Late last night, after a very long day, my darling Chelsea and I went to a nearby diner to simultaneously grab food and be productive.  I had a huge report to finish for work and she had a math final to study for.

Though we got to the diner at about 8 p.m. or so, the following is a transcript of the most eventful portions of the evening.

Scene: Me on my laptop, though admittedly I don’t look like I’m doing work as I am on Twitter and Facebook tracking social media mentions.  Chelsea’s notebook and math notes are strewn about.  Quesadilla remnants and coffee cups litter the table.
 9:00 p.m.

Chelsea, who cannot focus for anything (too much caffeine probably,) settles on her mantra, repeating it to give her strength:

1-Do the stuff

2-Learn the things

3-Not fail the test



9:17 p.m.

Mantra is slightly altered:

1-Do some of the stuff

2-Learn a few of the things

3-Consider not failing the test

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Staying Positive

The loves of my life.

The loves of my life.

I literally cannot believe it’s been two weeks since my last post.  It’s been two challenging weeks, so I’ve tried to spend every spare moment with my friends.  Being with the people I love is the best pick-me-up I have ever found.  They keep me going on days when that’s hard to do, reminding me of all the reasons I have to be upbeat and positive.

Positivity can be a challenge some days.  No matter how positive I think, sometimes putting it into practice is difficult.  But do you know what I did when late one night, I couldn’t find a positive thought in my head?  I turned my music up loud, and had a talk with myself.  I told myself not just positive, but motivating things, saying all my goals out loud and reminding myself why these were important to me.  I considered the consequences of failing.  And the chat with the mirror didn’t actually make me feel much better, but it spurred me into doing something that DID make me feel better, which was get on the treadmill and call my best friend for a nice long chat.

I’m not usually so great at picking myself up out of those ruts, but that pep talk was a great idea.  Maybe if I write my goals down and put them somewhere on the wall of my room, it will help me start that personal pep talk the next time I need it.

It’s a thought.

Recently some not so positive circumstances have hurdled themselves at my already hectic schedule, and I’ve had to temporarily re-prioritize a few things.  This pushed my personal goals to the back burner, which is why two weeks have passed since I’ve found the time to write anything.  But as things settle, I can begin to refocus.

I think I’ll use this moment to remind myself of the positive things I’ve got going on.  This will help jumpstart me back into a cycle of progress.

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