Wrap Up Thursday – Because why not, right?

Weird things that happened to me this week:

. I came home from Book Con on Saturday with Alyson (not the weird thing) and my roomie and her friend wanted to grab dinner, so I offered to drive because I was SO DONE with walking. Well, lucky I offered because when we arrived at my car on the next block over, the back driver’s side sliding door was wide open. Just chillin there. The last time I’d been in my car was Friday morning to get my umbrella, so potentially, it had been open and sitting on the street for over 24 hours. My front door was unlocked and ajar, and my glove compartment was open and a little disheveled. But fortunately I don’t own any nice things besides my computer, which I keep on my person at all times.

But dude, that was freaky. I literally thought someone was going to be in my car when I walked up to it.

In other news, it seems that my tiny dime collection for parking meters is uninteresting to thieves.

We are literally the cutest ever. And people at the con loved our shirts!

We are literally the cutest ever. And people at the con loved our shirts!

. Before that, I went to Book Con with the Bibliosmiles powerhouse girls, Danielle Alyson and Gaby. I won’t steal their thunder, they all wrote some fantastic things for BibS,  and you can read all about it here. Lemme just say, it was a fantastic day, even with the whole car thing.

. I wrote a post for Bibliosmiles! And I worked a little more on one that I’ve had brewing for a few weeks. It’s hard when you fall into a rut of un-creativity. But sometimes a little push is all you need. Danielle needed me to hit a deadline, and when I forced myself to finish the post, it made me feel like writing, even if it was about nothing, like this post is. It just makes you feel good, ya know?

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Hot Mess Drag Revue (No, I don’t mean me.)

So I am CLEARLY no good at keeping up with this blog. I try. I think about it all the time. I have ideas, I take pictures for the ideas, I tell my friends, “HEY, this would be SUCH a good idea!”

And then, nope. I sleep in. I go to lunch. I cook mac and cheese from the box for the third time in a week. I re-watch all the Project Freelancer seasons of Red Vs. Blue [spoiler.] There’s just always something right in front of my face that seems to take precedent.

So chronology is officially out the window as I’m just going to pick fun stories to recap for a while.

A few weeks ago, I went to a drag show! A handful of friends and I nabbed some Groupons to Hot Mess Drag Revue at XL Nightclub in Manhattan.

First off, you can tell a lot about a person by their reaction to the question, “Hey, wanna go to a drag show?”

For anyone who responds, “Uhm. No. That’s super weird,  I don’t get it and frankly it makes me uncomfortable.”

…ya know, you’ve probably already been offended by something I’ve said in the past, so I really don’t need to be addressing you.

For my friends and I, our eyes lit up at the potential hysteria and chaos analogous with a drag show. All too excited, we got super cute one Friday evening and made our way to NYC.



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Budgeting Autumn

This is my seriously phone background right now.

This is my seriously phone background right now.


I am so guilty of being in love with everything autumn – minus pumpkin mania.  Oh my God, now I’m a hipster too.  Ah well!

I want to buy all the coziest sweaters and the cutest boots, but I’m resisting.  I don’t do that very often, so I’m pretty proud of myself, even if it doesn’t sound like much.  As November peeks its head around the corner, right beyond it are student loans.  That’s going to be pretty tough.  I unfortunately have way more private loans than federal loans, making my interest payments high and the cost of late payments even higher.  I was trying to save up for them all summer.

Trying and failing.

But in the past two months or so, there’s been a bit more leftover at the end of each paycheck.  I’m hoping to get a weekend job for the holiday season, just to supplement that for a while!

To keep up the trend, I’m in the business of finding even more ways to save some dough.  It’s getting so cold that I think outdoor activities are behind us for the season.  So what else can you do for cheap, bordering on free?

Alicia let me crash at her place  in Queens for a few hours the other night. It was great to see her!

Alicia let me crash at her place in Queens for a few hours the other night. It was great to see her!


I want to find fun festivals and events to attend!  I unfortunately forgot today was the 23rd annual Long Island Maritime Museum Boat Burning in West Sayville.  THAT would have been fun, but my friends and I are all pretty busy.  With mid-terms and jobs and sports and families, weekends are all we’ve got and sometimes even those are all booked up.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  As it gets colder, what do you do for fun when you’re working on a low budget?