Wrap Up Thursday – Because why not, right?

Weird things that happened to me this week:

. I came home from Book Con on Saturday with Alyson (not the weird thing) and my roomie and her friend wanted to grab dinner, so I offered to drive because I was SO DONE with walking. Well, lucky I offered because when we arrived at my car on the next block over, the back driver’s side sliding door was wide open. Just chillin there. The last time I’d been in my car was Friday morning to get my umbrella, so potentially, it had been open and sitting on the street for over 24 hours. My front door was unlocked and ajar, and my glove compartment was open and a little disheveled. But fortunately I don’t own any nice things besides my computer, which I keep on my person at all times.

But dude, that was freaky. I literally thought someone was going to be in my car when I walked up to it.

In other news, it seems that my tiny dime collection for parking meters is uninteresting to thieves.

We are literally the cutest ever. And people at the con loved our shirts!

We are literally the cutest ever. And people at the con loved our shirts!

. Before that, I went to Book Con with the Bibliosmiles powerhouse girls, Danielle Alyson and Gaby. I won’t steal their thunder, they all wrote some fantastic things for BibS,  and you can read all about it here. Lemme just say, it was a fantastic day, even with the whole car thing.

. I wrote a post for Bibliosmiles! And I worked a little more on one that I’ve had brewing for a few weeks. It’s hard when you fall into a rut of un-creativity. But sometimes a little push is all you need. Danielle needed me to hit a deadline, and when I forced myself to finish the post, it made me feel like writing, even if it was about nothing, like this post is. It just makes you feel good, ya know?


. On Twitter this week, I went on a beer-following spree. Some of my favorite brands and breweries and accounts dedicated to craft beer news and communities, all on a new list of mine. The weird thing is that out of all of them, my current favorite Ommegang sent me a DM requiring that

Oh yea?

Oh yea?

I confirm I was over 21 years of age within the next 24 hours, or I would be removed from their followers list. Like any site with an age requirement, this would be easy to fake. Luckily I am 23 and totally allowed to view their alcohol-driven feed. BUT I thought it was a neat feature for a Twitter account to have, and an interesting reminder of a brand’s responsibility to its consumers.

Hmm. Yea!


. Started an Instagram account for my job! Company B has begun a journey on a year long Photo-a-(Work )-Day project. M-F, new pic from the office everyday, and sometimes, from the offices we create when there just isn’t an office.

. Alicia introduced me to the messaging service on Spotify. She shared a song with me – Contact by Trocadero, the band that does all the music for Red vs Blue – and then we had a little chat. It’s really cool! Though I don’t personally use Spotify as a social platform, maybe it’s time to give the idea some thought!

. I spent way too much money on groceries. BUT, had wine and cheese night with my roomies in which they sipped casually and hung out and chatted and I polished off a bottle of Arbor Mist and laid on the living room floor in deep despair of its uncleanliness.

It's all okay, because I had Drunken Goat cheese.

It’s all okay, because I had Drunken Goat cheese.


There’s like, a few more things? But it was a fairly average week. I hope other people did far more interesting stuff!

2 thoughts on “Wrap Up Thursday – Because why not, right?

    • Haha thank you! Sometimes I forget people can see what you’re listening to on Spotify and think, did everyone really just need to know I went two rounds with the Frozen soundtrack? Probably not…

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