Next Week On, “My Life After Purchase”

I sort of can’t believe it’s February. So much has happened, so much is happening, so much is probably about to happen in the world that I just have no idea about cause it’s happening to people I don’t know or care about. Gosh, so much to take in.

Since my last post in *gasp* December, I’ve clearly moved up in my job. I’m not saying I’m any better at doing things, but I’m more confident about telling people what I think and having my opinions promptly rejected. Hey, whatever, at least I’m trying. I’ve been invited to two, that’s right, TWO, big, important, boss-type meetings. To take notes, mostly, but I was there! And I cracked some jokes!

Even on break, the room still looks important.

Even on break, the room still looks important.


In what I guess is bigger news, I’m moving. Like moving out.

I can’t really believe it, and I haven’t totally signed a lease yet, but applications have been processed and a deposit has been put on an apartment for my best friend Cheryl, her friend from college, Bekah, and myself. It’s an adorable second floor, three bedroom apartment, brand-spanking new, with french doors on my bedroom (which I love) and a dishwasher (which I can’t even believe.) The feature I actually enjoy touting the most is the port in the living room for your iPhone, connected to speakers in the ceiling of the main room AND all three bedrooms. Like, what?! Yea, I know.

Dem french doors, doe.

Dem french doors, doe.

The bestest ever part? Guess where it is!!


That’s right, I’m about to win Post-Purchase Purchasing. I’m joining the hordes of young people irritating the original hipsters that took over Bushwick about a decade ago, before they were even called hipsters, and making rents go up. I’m pretty friggen excited.

I would never call myself artistic or hip or cool, but I loved going to a school where a huge portion of the undergrad population was. Totally jealous of anyone and anything creative and shocking and disruptive and insightful and all the things I’m simply not. I’m just sarcastic. That’s basically what got me through four years of higher education.

Chelsea is sad to see me go, that's all.

Chelsea is sad to see me go, that’s all.

So I’m thrilled to be moving to a neighborhood that IS considered all those things, and I’m trying to be ready for it. There are so many web sites I’m obsessed with reading, dedicated to the scene that is Brooklyn, broken down neighborhood by neighborhood, to keep a broke kid updated on the happenings and goings-on., the “cheap” tag on, We’ll be pretty close to a few branches of the Brookyln Public Library, so that’s cool. I love libraries, I’m actually writing this from my hometown library right now 😀

I don’t know that it’s hit me that I’m not going to college. I won’t be back in a few months, and being that my bed is going with me, I can’t exactly come home and crash at my parents’ house for the weekend. Hell, I can begin to call it, “my parents’ house.” It’s a strange adjustment. Just like going off to college was. Probably just as strange as coming home from four years of college, to a house that hadn’t changed much when I had changed completely.

I can safely say this is the scariest thing I’ve ever done, so to all the naysayers, I thank you. You irritated me so much by telling me I couldn’t, I saw no other option than to do it. If everything falls into place, (and really, when does it ever?) I’ll hopefully post some pictures of my beautiful, furnished apartment very soon.

Get ready for a whole new chapter in my Post-Purchase life. Maybe while I’m there, I’ll actually find something to write about!


4 thoughts on “Next Week On, “My Life After Purchase”

  1. Kim! Congrats on moving out! Your apartment looks & sounds awesome with dem French doors doe! And in Bushwick – you’re so lucky! #GIRLS #AllAdventuresWomenDo (sorry unsure if you watch GIRLS to get the reference but I’m an #addict)

    Btw, do you still work in Westchester, or are you now down in the city? If you’re in the city, I work down here, we should totally meet up for coffee or happy hour one day!

    and btw, as always, love ya blog!

    • Thank you Erinnn. I don’t watch Girls for lack of time, but I scroll through Tumblr enough that I get that reference… is that weird? Either way, it’s probably my next cinematic endeavor.

      I do still work in Westchester! And if I knew my schedule for this week I would say yes yes yes, let’s get coffee/dranks tomorrow! But I AM going to take you up on that offer soon, despite having said that before and not followed through, haha.

      Also, I’m super sorry to see your blog go. It’s a shinning star to deprive the internet of, truly. 😦

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