Snacking on a NatureBox

"Oh Tim Cook, you're so funny!"

“Oh Tim Cook, you’re so funny!”

Late Monday night, after a long weekend away, I returned home, exhausted, set down my bags and romped with my cat and dog for a few minutes.  On the dining room table was lots of mail addressed to me. The least interesting of which was the first issue of my subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I did not sign up for that.

Slightly more interesting was finally receiving my diploma.



I graduated from SUNY Purchase in May with a B.A. in journalism, but the Residence Life department and I stayed in contact this whoooole summer, as their parting gift to me was an outrageous charge to my account for some garbage not thrown out of my on-campus apartment.  As it turns out, I had bought these little stilts for my loft bed to make it even loftier and I left them under the bed posts.  WHOOPS.  The charge was still insane though, and once it was lowered to a more reasonable price, I finally paid up and was sent my diploma, which they had been holding ransom.

So now it’s here!  Not having it never bothered me much.  I still graduated, paper or not.

But the MOST exciting thing I received this weekend was a box!  A box you say?!  A NatureBox!

Hello, beautiful!

Hello, beautiful!

Lucky me, this one specifically was my "Welcome Snack."

Lucky me, this one specifically was my “Welcome Snack.”

NatureBox is a service that provides you with fun, healthy snack options every month, delivered straight to your door.  I finally got mine, and I immediately tried one of every food I was sent, which is so not the point.  Oops.  Any way, they’re all super delicious, and surprisingly, the Cherry Ganache Granola was my favorite.  I originally thought the dried thing in the mix was raisins, which I love, before I realized they were definitely cherries, which I thought I hated.  Mind.  Blown.

In my welcome kit box, which I got for $10.00 instead of the normal price of $20.00, I received the Cherry Ganache Granola, Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels, Garden Tomato Almonds, Lemon Tea Biscuits, Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars, and Big Island Pineapple.  Oh, actually, I didn’t try the pineapple.  Just the smell of pineapple bothers me, I need it mixed in with lots of other fruits to enjoy it.

Snacks smell good - bags smell weird.

Snacks smell good – bags smell weird.

But everything I tried surprised the heck out of me, as I do not typically like nuts or granola or trail mix of any kind.  I’m very excited to be exploring new eating options, as I’m about to embark on a serious lifestyle change (hopefully… more on that later.)  I can’t decide if I’m going to continue to get NatureBox delivered to me, but I absolutely loved my welcome box, so I’m going to see how long I stick to munching on these healthier snacks.

3 thoughts on “Snacking on a NatureBox

  1. Ah, awesome! I’ve always wanted to try one of these box programs… I always love reading posts about what people receive. There are SO many box options out there now! NatureBox sounds fab though – that granola sounds amazing. Send some of dat pineapple over here, lady 😉

    It makes me ridiculously happy that you’re blogging now. Like, seriously.

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